April 14, 2024

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Man chained for 30 years rescued in Kano

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A civil rights group, Human Rights Network with the support of the
Nigerian Police have rescued a 55-year-old man, Murtala
Mohammed, chained in a room for 30 years in Rogo local
government area of Kano State.
Executive Director of the Human Rights Group, Comrade Haruna
Ayagi announced the efforts on Thursday when they led a police
team from Rogo local government area of Kano State to where the
victim was chained.
Comrade Haruna Ayagi said they were informed that the man was
chained since he was 25 years old due to mental illness and
restricted to the room he was kept.
He said based on this they notified the police in Rogo Local
Government area and stormed the building, only to discover the
man in chain.
‘’The victim’s younger brothers have been arrested because, since
the death of their father, the younger brothers continue to hold
Murtala Mohammed in chain where occasionally a traditional
medicine healer comes around to take care of him in the house,’’
said Ayagi
However, he said the man has been taken to hospital for medical
Also, when contacted, Kano Police Spokesman, DSP Abdullahi
Haruna confirmed the story but notedtnoted that the command is
yet to be fully briefed by Rogo Divisional Police Officer.
Solacebase reports that in the last ten days, police have rescued a
man held in a solitary room for 7 years and another for 15 years.

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