July 12, 2024

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Police directed us to go after Ngozi’s alleged killers –Enugu community leader

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Chief Emeka Mama is a community leader
in Imufu , Enugu Ezike, in the Igboeze North
Local Government Area of Enugu State . He
tells RAPHAEL EDE how the police
allegedly frustrated the investigation into
the rape and murder of a 20- year – old lady ,
Ngozi Eze , on March 26, 2019
How did you learn about Ngozi ’ s death ?
We were alerted on March 26 , 2019 , that Ngozi went
for extramural study at Township School Ogborute 1
and didn ’ t come back . We alerted the security
personnel – people in the neighbourhood . Early the
next day , they informed us that they found her in a
bush behind Community Secondary School, Imufu ,
where they saw her half – naked lying face up . We
rushed to the place and confirmed it . She was half –
naked . A woman among us had to donate her wrapper
which we used to cover her nakedness and then
invited the police. By the time the police were carrying
her to their vehicle , blood was oozing from her private
parts . For us who were there , we thought it was rape –
that the person raped and killed her because there was
no way she could have died, if it was ordinary rape.
We invited the police and the police came and from
their own investigation they named a suspect who
happened to have tried to marry her but she refused .
What happened afterwards?
cooperated with the police in providing information
and other assistance . But for about a year and five
months now , no policeman visited the school the girl
attended . They didn ’ t even go there at all. This girl
( deceased) was there . Who were her friends ? How did
it happen ? We continued to remind them ( the police ).
The president – general of our community is an ex –
policeman . He continued to guide them to take this
step , but they were only interested in money.
Why did you wait for 17 months to bury the girl?
Why we didn ’ t bury this girl since then was because
they ( the police) demanded money for a corona inquest
form that is normally issued free of charge and we
were already exhausted . The police gave us the name
of a person who is in Onitsha , Anambra State, and said
we should go and arrest the person . We used our
neighbourhood watch personnel from here ( Imufu ) to
arrest the man and kept him at Fega police station. We
still paid money to the police and also hired a bus for
them to go and bring the man ( the suspect they said
we should arrest ). So , it was like that; they didn ’ t do
any serious work .
We are lucky that the commissioner of police came and
we went through the Police Force Public Relations
Officer , DCP Frank Mbah, to complain about what
happened . Without him, there was no way we could
have buried the girl .
So , Frank spoke with the new commissioner of police
and he (CP ) invited us . I went with the PG of our
community . We told the commissioner what happened .
He was angry but there was nothing he could do . That
was how we started talking about burying the girl and
he asked the homicide unit to give us the coroner ’ s
inquest form . We still contributed about N 300 , 000 to
pay for an autopsy because , left for the police, we
would not have buried the girl today . At a point , we
wrote a petition to the Force Headquarters which they
didn ’ t reply to . The mother of this girl has been at
home since the incident (occurred ) and her okpa
cooking business in Abuja was stalled. Again , there
was no way she could have gone back when the
remains of her daughter were still in the morgue . We
should pray not to find ourselves in trouble because
nobody will investigate anything .
What is the demand of the community in this case ?
We demand justice for our daughter who was killed
unjustly. There is nobody who will be happy that their
daughter was killed . The killers are out there and
nothing happened . We are very angry because the
suspects have not been punished . Even on our own , we
are still part of the investigation because we were
tracking the phone number that was calling her up to
the school where she was picked up . At a point when
we tracked the number to Nasarawa, we sent the
information to the police but the police did nothing . I
suspect that the people who killed her came from
Anambra State because , apparently , they were calling
the deceased. They came from Anambra State through
Obollo – Afor and that was how they got here because of
what we got from the tracking . We were giving the
police the information . At a point , they said the suspect
was in Nasarawa State and that is the end. So, it is very

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