July 12, 2024

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Hisbah to post personnel at Minjibir Park

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Kano Focus reports that the Commander General of the Board,
Haroon Muhammad Ibn Sina, said this when he paid an unscheduled
visit to the tourist site on Monday.
He said Hisbah will post its personnel following a request by the
management of the park.
Mr Ibn Sina who went round the park said he was convinced that no
immoral activities take place there.
Blasphemy: Kano council of Imams, Hisbah endorse
Shari’ah court verdict
“The management has assured me of four things.
“They do not allow alcohol into the park.
“They only give rooms to married couples.
“There is no mixing of the sexes in the swimming pool.
“And they do not allow any form of intoxicant including Shisha into
the premises.” Mr Ibn Sina said.
In his remarks, the park’s assistant manager Rabi’u Sulaiman said
they operate in line with Shari’a law as they do not allow drug abuse
or mixing of males and females.
He also called on the Commander General to assist the park by
posting Hisbah members to ensure strict compliance with Shari’a

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