April 14, 2024

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Five ways a smartphone can help your health

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A doctor once said that the best thing one could do for
his or her health was to turn off the mobile phone . But
that was before smartphone makers began building
health and safety features into their phones . Here are
five healthful tricks your phone can do :
Medical ID : Apple ’ s Medical ID turns any iPhone 4s or
newer model into a mobile medical alert bracelet . Tap
on your phone ’ s Health app icon ( it ’ s the white square
with a red heart) to find it . Setting up your phone ’ s
medical ID allows doctors or emergency workers to tap
and hold the ‘ Emergency ’ button on your home screen,
even when it ’ s locked , to access medical conditions ,
allergies , emergency contacts , blood type and other
potentially lifesaving information ( make sure you
enable the “ show when locked ” switch ).
Fitness tracking : Most smartphones now come equipped
with motion sensors that measure steps , distance
travelled and even stairs climbed . To find this feature
on an iPhone , head back to the Health app . Click on the
dashboard and panes open up showing steps , walking
and running distance , and flights climbed . It shows
your daily , weekly , monthly and yearly totals . No setup
is required , but to get the most accurate count , it helps
to carry your phone in your hand , jacket, or jeans
pocket .
Samsung Galaxy S 3 phones and newer versions come
with the option to use a preloaded health app called S
Health , which performs a similar tracking of steps and
movement as well as calories burned , but you ’ ll have
to take a few minutes to set it up the first time you use
it .
Heart rate monitors : Samsung’ s S Health app also has a
place to measure your heart rate . Tap the orange heart
with an EKG – like line running through it , then edit
your profile with your name , gender, birthday , height ,
weight and activity level . Tap “ save ” and it takes you
back to an orange screen. Touch “ measure ” at the
bottom of the pane , then place your finger on the
infrared sensor next to the camera on the back of the
device . When it ’ s done getting a reading , it shows
whether you ’ re within a healthy range for your current
status of “ resting . ” Over time , you can use this to
measure and track trends as well .
Samsung makes no medical claims as to the accuracy
of the device , but when you have used it side – by – side
with other wrist- worn trackers , such as an Apple
Watch , a Fitbit Surge or aBasis Peak , the results are
similar . Using the same sensor on the back of the
Samsung device , you can also get a rough reading of
oxygen saturation , which is especially helpful for
athletes or people with asthma . In fact , Samsung’ s S
Health app is the most feature – rich and wellness –
packed of all that I ’ ve tried . It includes a section for
nutrition tracking as well that rivals third – party apps
such as Lose It! or MyFitnessPal .
Track your family: Some may call it spying , but I like to
think of it more as making sure everyone is safely
where they should be. Find My iPhone automatically
comes on any iPhone model running iOS 9 , as long as
you enable location services on that device . To do that,
snag your teenager ’ s phone and tap the Settings icon,
scroll down to Privacy and turn on Location Services .
To find someone , tap your Find My iPhone app (a
green radar beacon ) on your own device or log in to
iCloud to see connected devices on a map with their
location . If you don ’ t share an iCloud account with
your kids , you will need their passwords in order to
see where they are .
Apple phones also come with Family Sharing or Find
My Friends features that you can use to keep tabs on
your brood as well . Go to settings and iCloud to find it .
Voice – activated 911: No matter what smartphone brand
you favour , there ’ s now a way to get most new mobile
devices to call 911 for help just by yelling at the device
— but you have to set up voice activation first . With
iPhone , find it under Settings , General and Siri . Then
just say “ Hey Siri , ” and tell her to dial 911 . For iPhones
older than the 6s model , the phone needs to be plugged
in .
Newer Android phones have Google Now voice activation . Saying
“ O .K . Google , ” turns it on so that you can ask your phone to dial
911 or any other emergency contact completely touch – free . The
Samsung S 6 Edge + has a similar feature called SOS that is not
voice – activated , but still pretty cool . After setup , trigger SOS by
pressing the Power key three times quickly. It automatically snaps
a picture from the front and back camera , records a quick audio
clip, and sends a Google Maps link of your exact location to any
contact that you’ve programmed it to .
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