May 27, 2024

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Great women of SSANU-BUK, I welcome you to this August inaugural meeting. It is really a rare privilege to meet with you this morning. Beyond any reasonable doubt, you have waited patiently for this day to come and the day has finally come.
Since our inception to duty, the union has previously planned to hold the SSANU Women Inaugural Meeting but was faced with some challenges on strike actions embarked by the University based unions in 2022, which disrupted the activities in the universities.
Today, I am pleased to inform you that the SSANU Women Day is specifically designed to bring women together to interact and familiarize themselves with one another, as well as to cross-fertilize ideas on issues that affect the development of womenfolk, SSANU and BUK in general.
The mandate of the office of Women Coordinator as contained in the revised SSANU Constitution is to herald a new dawn for women by intiating programmes and activities that would promote the welfare of women.
With utmost sense of diligence and sheer hardwork together with your invaluable contributions, I pledge to execute to execute promising and laudable programmes that will advance the future of womenfolk to have key and prominent place in the scheme of things.
Great women of SSANU, I want to inform you that the person before you now is the SSANU Women Coordinator and am at your service, be free to communicate and contact me at any given time.
The Chairman of SSANU, Comrade Mustapha Aminu has always been supportive towards promoting the union forward. The union has impacted positively on the lives of members since our inception to date including his expressed care and passion for womenfolk.
Our great Union requires the active participation of women in all facets of responsibilities. Therefore, I urge you to avail yourselves in any tasks assigned to you to move this great union forward. Remember, you are the movers and shakers. For us to move forward and achieve greater height in what we plan for our union, my major guiding principle is always clear, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.
My fellow women of substance, it is an honor to present to you my blue prints and what I intend to showcase to you on how to move the women wing of SSANU forward, please permit me to list as follows:
Sensitization of women on peculiar health issues, such as the terminal related health conditions women find themselves, for example, breast cancer and cervical cancer which are bedeviling the women hood. This will sensitize women folk of the knowledge concerning their health.
To slate a period for women to interact and familiarize at SSANU Week where issues related to work place would be discussed and possible solutions reached. This will sensitize women on issues related to their jobs.
Acquisition of entrepreneurship skills. This is to equip women with alternative means of income for betterment of their wellbeing at retirement phase, such as embarking on farming and entrepreneurship skills.
Attainment of Higher Educational Qualification. This will help women promoted to higher grades and assist them reach managerial positions.
Assistance to SSANU Widows. To commiserate with the family of the deceased during condolence visit and monetary support to be given to the affected members for consolidation.
And finally one of the most important is, the intra-marriage scheme among
SSANU members. This will aim at promoting marital engagement among members. This scheme will only be applied by the support and consent of members both the men and women. Although some of us are already married to their colleagues and shared same work place, it is just a continuation to cement and bond relationship. The union of colleagues in matrimony will go a long way to facilitate their work effectively because they both understand how the system works and functions.
As I have mentioned above, these are the blueprint of my office and by God’s grace I will implement them one after the other.
Furthermore, let us look at the welfare packages that are enjoyed by our members. There are listed below:
Soft loan
Sick/medical intervention
Condolence relief
Essential commodities
Deceased children scholarship
Retirement/Resignation token
Intervention for accident and natural disaster
Computer/Advance training
End of year get together (where dedicated staff are given award of recognition)
So far, so good, the above packages have already been enjoyed and by members of our union and we hope to do more.
In another development, you will be pleased to know that I have formed a 12 member subcommittee that assisted me to organize the meeting and they came from various faculties, departments and units. They did a wonderful job and we appreciate their efforts. I would like to forward their names to the leadership of the union to approve and endorse them as permanent subcommittee of women wing. Please give them a loud applause.
Finally, I solicit and seek for your continuous support and cooperation to help me deliver the task as expected. Ladies of substance, you are really appreciated for giving me your time. I will forever be grateful and delighted to associate with you.
Long live BUK, long live SSANU, long live Women of substance!!!
Greatest Women of SSANU!! Great!!
Speech delivered by SSANU Women Coordinator BUK, Comrade Farida Sani Kamba

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