May 27, 2024

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Kano Hospital Board Suspends Imam Wali Security Guard After Women Give Birth on Vehicle

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The Executive Secretary Kano State Hospitals Management Board Dr Mansur Mudi Nagoda has approved the suspension of the security guards of Imamu Wali Maternity Hospital and has ordered the zone to organize another set of security guards and post them with immediate effect.

In a statement signed by the public relations officer of Kano state hospital management (HMB) Samira Suleiman said the development came after a video of a lady in labour who later gave birth in the vehicle due to the negligence that occured on the part of the security guards of the facility.

Recalled that in a video that went viral on social media, it could be seen that the patient’s husband knocked endlessly but the security guards were no where to be found which prompted the husband to make a video as the incident was going on and made it go viral.

Dr Nagoda explained that a similar case happened on the 26th November, in which another lady was also in labour and the security guards were no where for the patient to gain entrance into the facility, so the husband had to rush her to Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital which was the closest.

Similarly Dr Nagoda has approved the immediate suspension of three medical lab scientists names withheld due to offenses ranging from gross negligence, extortion and unwanted sexual activities mostly with patients who cannot afford to pay their hospital bills.

He explained that their suspension was necessary and a committee would be set to carry out an investigation, pursue adm procedures, issue query letters and DAC adding that Until exonerated all involved remain suspended outright.

He lamented that HMB will not be on the defensive side every time, and has sent a strong warning to all that “no one should come to me or other heads of agencies to intercede, surely i will not entertain because Our reputation is at stake”.

The Executive Secretary further explained that the public and HMB staff needs to know that we have an internal security system to checkmate our clinical proficiency, communication and professional ethics.

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